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Xpoint was conceived and launched in Sydney, Australia. Xpoint is a purpose built live-to-web platform for Event Providers events in racquet sports. The platform is interactive, dynamic, mobile, cutting edge with a youthful presence. Xpoint is ‘best in field’ and augmented by industry-firsts such as international player rating (iPR) and UTR rating integration, costs calculator, find-a-substitute player functionality, player live scoring and result entry, social media integration (player walls), sponsor displays, multi-screen displays and more.

Xpoint is now a proven platform in the racquet sports landscape being utilized by leading Event Providers. Xpoint’s frontend site is focused on the Event Providers own branding, mobility and enhancing the player experience.

Xpoint Sports Systems Pty Ltd (‘Xpoint’) provides a live-to-web platform to Event Providers for their related events. Xpoint has no connection with the Event Provider or their participates (‘players’) in establishing or administering any of their events whatsoever other than to provide the live-to-web platform.