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Xpoint Delivers Innovation

Since its conception, Xpoint has continually released innovative ’industry first’ features and functionality to it’s racquet sports platform.

Xpoint is ‘best in field’ and augmented by features / functionality such as online entry, online payments, entry form generator, international player rating (iPR) and other ratings integrations, full draw suite, find-a-substitute player, player live scoring and result entry, reward store and loyalty program, social media integration (player walls), sponsor displays, multi-screen live scoring and displays and more.

The draw suite provides leagues, leagues (Flexi), leagues (Switch - changing partners), up/down court, up/down court (Switch), knockout &/or conso1/2, all play (compass), series (multi events linked) and invitational (multi event providers).

Xpoint encompasses Event Providers from grassroots coaches to schools to regional / state and national bodies.

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Event Providers

Why choose Xpoint?

Simply, it's the only live-to-web 'Total Solution' in the racquet industry landscape. Xpoint has every event task covered from Event Entry to Player Re-entry and everything in between.

Event Providers not only receive a Free Site and Access to the 'best in field' platform. Event Providers also gain head office and Regional Partner depth of knowledge and experience in event management from the coalface.


Player Access Fee ($19.99AUD / $22.99NZD annual)

Participate in unlimited events across all Xpoint Event Providers. Players can choose from a League, Flexi League, Series, Interclub Event, Random Draw Event or go on Event Provider Substitute lists

Event Providers receive 100% of Entry Fees with no added platform fees or commissions

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Rewards Store

Another industry-first feature from Xpoint.

Xpoint's Reward Store delivers Event Providers and Players with time saving, auto delivery, prize variety and a loyalty program to enhance player retention.

Plus players are notified and log into their 'My Section' to start having fun shopping!