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Xpoint is now integrated with UTR...

Xpoint is excited to have Xpoint results included against a Player's Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

UTR is calculated by an algorithm using a player’s last 30 eligible match scores from the last 12 months.

Xpoint results count toward Player's Verified UTR with those results typically visible on the UTR platform within 7 days of match results being entered into XPoint.

Xpoint announces International Player Rating™ system...

Xpoint is excited to announce that all Xpoint competitions will now be integrated with the International Player Rating™ system.

The IPR™ predicts each of your match results and then makes a statistical comparison with the actual match outcome. The IPR™ algorithm then increase or decreases your IPR based on a better or worse than expected result.

Changes to your IPR™ are automatic and can be checked on your player profile page after each match result has been registered.

You can not only compare your IPR™ to that of your next opponent but also all Xpoint players around the world.

iPR Worldwide Top Ten

Rank Name

Ryan Bellamy

8.98 9.04 10.40

Catherine Perry

8.90 4.14 1.75

Monique Lynch

7.92 5.63 5.67

Allana Molnar

7.25 5.78 5.46

Harry Bourchier

7.10 13.00 13.04

Edward Bourchier

6.86 11.96 8.95

Rodney Peyasi

6.85 7.40 9.20

Ashton Mcleod

6.68 9.67 9.31

Daniel Pascoe

6.34 7.38 6.88

Chris Gillis