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Xpoint announces International Player Rating™ system...

Xpoint is excited to announce that all Xpoint competitions will now be integrated with the International Player Rating™ system.

The IPR™ predicts each of your match results and then makes a statistical comparison with the actual match outcome. The IPR™ algorithm then increase or decreases your IPR based on a better or worse than expected result.

Changes to your IPR™ are automatic and can be checked on your player profile page after each match result has been registered.

You can not only compare your IPR™ to that of your next opponent but also all Xpoint players around the world.

iPR worldwide top ten

Blake Smith B 6.868
Danielle Hargrove 6.842
Cameron Smith C 6.733
Steven Goh 6.638
Jordan Thompson 6.622
Neil Smith N 6.614
Rod Stubbs 6.610
Greg Evans 6.573
Brendan Rose 6.498
Glenn Knox 6.466