Saturday X2S-1 (ST) 2020/Nov Atune Singles League


Outstanding Matches 23rd January 2021
Hi Players,
Hope you have all had a great Xmas & New Year.

Sat League starts back next week. Really require you play any outstanding matches before it recommences. This way you are all up to date.

Entering Results - By Player 14th November 2020
Go to > 'Login' (top right) and enter your username (email address) and password.
On player setup the system auto sends a password to your inbox. If any issue occurs.....
Click on 'Forgotten password' or if you didn’t supply an email previously when entering, click on 'Home' > 'Contact' and list your name, email address, contact numbers and division/team name and 'Send'.
Note upon the League Provider registering your details an email will be auto triggered with a password setup link to 'Login'.

5b. My Xpoint > My Matches (player entering results option must be active for your event)
Browse over 'My Xpoint' and click on 'My Matches' to view:
Upcoming Matches:
▪ 'Result Card Icon' – click on and select either 'Print With Player Names' or 'Print With No Player Names' your upcoming match result card. Then open the file and proceed with your computers print functions. (home team provides result card)
▪ 'Player/Team Messaging Icon' – click on to send a player, your team or opponent/s a message
▪ 'Find-a-Substitute Icon' – if active click on and select the unavailable player and 'Send'. This triggers email requests to players on the ‘Find a Substitute’ list for appropriate day and iPRs.
Awaiting Results:
▪ 'Enter Results Icon' – if active click on (Step 1) Add substitute player/s (if required) by typing the player name/s in the 'Add Substitute' cell and as it appears select to drop in team. (Step 2) 'Drag & Drop' or use 'Up/Down' arrows (mobiles) to position the substitute player/s in the correct team order and 'Save Ranks'. (Step 3) Select either 'Normal', 'Washout/Unfinished', 'Home Team Forfeit' or 'Away Team Forfeit' followed by entering all individual full or partial set/game scores and 'Save'. (winning team enter result online)